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Investment Criteria

GRCP is deliberately narrow in our focus.  We only consider industrial technology and tech-enabled services businesses in the “lower market” (small and mid-sized) with the following rough attributes:
Company and Deal Type: 
  • Leading product or service position

  • Founder or family-owned company, ESOP, or division of larger entity

  • Majority or control investor; typically 70-100% ownership

Financial Criteria: 
  • Revenue – $8-$30 million

  • EBITDA or pretax income – $1 million +

  • Low capital intensity

  • Preference for repeat or recurring sources of revenue

Other Characteristics:
  • Headquartered in U.S. or Canada

  • Diversified by customers, applications and end markets

  • Business-to-business sales channel

*Of course there are always exceptions*

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