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Firm Values

Respect For the Entrepreneur and Owner: 

We have great respect for what entrepreneurs and owners build into their companies.  There are plenty of hard decisions to make and calculated risks taken over years.  We recognize it is far from easy to bootstrap or self-fund a company, while putting it on a path for growth.   

Recognizing a Company's Unique Attributes:

From early interactions, it is important to understand how a company ‘came to being’.  Was it a founder with an idea for a better product or a business that passed successfully through family generations?  Every company, whether a suitable investment for GRCP or not, has unique and positive attributes.  We want to hear about them. 

Knowing What it Means to Partner:

Ultimately the team at GRCP is better at listening than talking, meaning we truly want to hear about your accomplishments and ideas before rushing to assume we know better.  That is surprisingly uncommon in private equity.  We aspire to be real partners – both accessible and reliable, hearing about challenges, planning for successes, and ultimately tackling it all together. 

Honesty in All Discussions: 

We will always be honest in our discussions, whether the message is easily received or not.  Transparency and full candor are foundational elements of any lasting partnership.

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