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Deal Announcement
November 2021

Great River Capital Partners (GRCP), an industrial-focused private investment firm, is pleased to announce its recent growth recapitalization of Conductive Containers, Inc. (CCI). CCI is a leading Minnesota-based provider of specialty packaging that protects high-value, critical electronics from electrostatic discharge (ESD). CCI packaging products are sold internationally into a range of end markets including electronics, medical, defense and aerospace.

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Founded in 1978, CCI created the first conductive corrugated packaging product under the tradename ‘Corstat’. The company’s product offering has expanded over the years to include a full set of semi-custom ESD solutions such as: fluted plastics, foams, injection molded products and thermoformed solutions. CCI has over 80 employees including a 15-member sales team, with extended reach through manufacturers rep partners and select distributors.

The purpose of ESD packaging is to protect high-value electronics and other sensitive components from static discharge that can be damaging and potentially result in device failure. CCI competes in a growing, fragmented global market believed to represent over $3 billion in annual spend. Looking ahead, the company plans to continue its organic growth as well as consider select add- on acquisition opportunities.

The majority investment in CCI resulted from GRCP’s extensive packaging industry research and its direct relationship built with the founder and CEO of CCI. There was no intermediary involved. Debt financing was provided by Salem Five Bank. Please visit for additional information on CCI.

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Great River Capital Partners

Industrial Private Equity Boston, MA

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